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The Value of Building Team Relationships

Our research strongly indicates that members of top performing cross-functional teams value and work hard to build close relationships with one another…

Team Emotional Intelligence: The Differentiator

In today’s environment, the team holds the key to business success. So, what differentiates the best? That’s what we asked. Here’s what we found.

The Benefits of Measuring Team Performance

If you are leading a team, on a team, or consulting with a team, we have learned that it’s important to ask, “How are we doing?” The recommendations from members and key stakeholders can make all the difference in how the team performs going forward.

Leading Teams

At the center of high performing teams are skilled leaders. Those who can use a variety of styles depending on the situation. However, it’s often assumed that a democratic, participative style works best. Our findings, though, may surprise you!

The Yin and Yang of Teams

Yin and Yang is an ancient Chinese philosophy. Essentially, there’s a duality in life – light-dark, positive-negative – that is both complementary and interdependent. Every team faces this duality, especially in this virtual world. The best teams understand and embrace this phenomenon.

Empowering Teams With Team Emotional Intelligence

In today’s environment, the team and not the individual, holds the key to business success. If you aspire to increase team effectiveness in this virtual world, then team emotional intelligence is your differentiator.

Measuring Team Effectiveness

Hello team leaders! We are hearing positive stories of teams finding innovative approaches to meeting deliverables while working virtually. Is it time to pause and measure your effectiveness?